MMPR S.01 E.02 “High Five”

Trini High Five

Rita schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago, and trap them inside a Time Warp. Meanwhile, Trini must confront her fear of heights to rescue Billy when he’s chased up a mountain by Rita’s Putty Patrollers.

So Trini has a fear of heights. Considering the size of the Zords it would be a good fear for her to conquer early and so to have this kind of storyline in the second episode makes sense (we’ll quietly ignore that she had no problem leaping in to the Zords in the first episode and put it down to adrenalin). Also after her character was more or less glossed over in the pilot its good to see a bit more of Trini.

What I really didn’t like in this episode was Billy inventing the communicator and accidentally tapping in to the Command Center’s teleportation module. I could handle him building the communicator but that was just plain silly. To me it would make far more sense for Zordon to either link the communicators in to the module himself or he be the one to make the communicators. Clearly Zordon’s firewall has been turned off. It just reminds me of the Spiderman argument over whether it was better that Peter Parker invented his spider webbing ability as in the comic or he inherits it from the genetic changes made to his body as per the Toby Maguire movies. Again in this instance I prefer the latter scenario. In terms of the Power Rangers it also tells us that Billy’s intelligence is more by accident than anything else and this makes him seem…dumber. He is still irritating at this point with his unnecessarily big words but fortunately this is something that will taper off a bit later on.

A high point of this story was Rita’s plan for me. It was quite well thought out after all it worked for Zordon and he presumably knew what he was doing. The new Power Rangers on the other hand are still learning their powers so they should in theory be weaker. Naturally of course the plan fails but it still gets a lot of credit. Some western audiences found it odd that a model Space Shuttle should be used as the time device and this is a result of a rather forced attempt to get the footage from the original Japanese show to fit in. Bones was a surprisingly creepy bad guy for the show and remains so even 20 years later but he is a lot of fun.

Rating: 3/5 


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