Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue E.07 “Cyborg Rangers”


Cyborg Rangers are created to replace the Lightspeed Power Rangers. At first they prove their worth saving Carter’s life but after they are damaged in a battle they go haywire and our heroes must fight the Cyborg Rangers as well as evil.

Power Rangers does I, Robot. It’s an old story in science fiction; somebody creates a robot and the robot goes berserk. Nevertheless this was an enjoyable romp to watch. I liked how the Lightspeed organization is quite militaristic and unlike other Power Rangers there are “higher ups” they have to answer to. Understandably this is a hindrance and that fact is aptly showed here which gives the premise that extra level of drama. General McKnight is every bit the cartoon General with medals on both sides of his chest and the standard issue whip. The only thing he is missing are a pair of sunglasses and a cigar (can’t encourage smoking in the youth now can we).

I didn’t like how Captain Mitchell was portrayed in this episode. He seemed too weak and didn’t put up much of a fight when the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers are disbanded. He does kind of redeem himself later by taking the morphers to them after the Cyborgs go on their rampage but by that point McKnight probably had no choice but to authorise it anyway. I know I said I liked that this show had characters who answered to other people but it works best when our main characters stand up to them because its right. Ms Fairweather on the other hand is very vocal regarding her opposition and proves she is a strong female character in the show; something both Dana and Kelsey often fail to achieve.

What lets the episode down is how condensed the story feels. The story primarily focuses on the Cyborg Rangers and our heroes just reappear at the end. There are several discussions that try to address the merits of Cyborg Rangers over the usual breed but these are glossed over as the episode quickly descends in to an action romp. I think this would have been a good opportunity to teach young children that sometimes its better to do things yourself than get a machine to do it.

I did like how the Rangers were divided over whether they should go help the Cyborg Rangers or not since they were technically fired. It showed they weren’t just clean cut all-American good guys. What I thought would be funny was if when they get tossed their morphers two of them get the wrong ones. Then again I am easily amused.

Rating: 3/5

Memorable Quote: (Ms Fairweather to McKnight) They are missing one thing…A heart.


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