Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.07 “Pizza Slice of Life”

Pizza Slice of Life

Things become quite chaotic when RJ leaves Casey in charge of the pizza shop. Casey makes the mistake of letting everyone do what they want to do. Camille finds out Naja is plotting to overthrow her beloved Dai Shi. She risks her life and takes on a dangerous way of training in order to protect Dai Shi. Casey learns that every team needs one leader to give directions.

This episode is basically broken in to two distinct areas that meet intermittently. From the Power Rangers’ point of view the main focus of the story is the lesson that teams often need a leader to function. At its heart it’s another lesson for Casey as he comes to the realization that he is the one to lead the Power Rangers even if it is doing something as mundane as running the pizza bar. Naturally, slapstick and petty bickering ensue resulting in chaos and the loss of customers before he comes to this conclusion. And poor Fran being made to wear that ridiculous costume. I did like how she finally grew a backbone after having enough and left. She has been too much of a doormat that the others walk over in previous episodes, maybe not intentionally, and its good to see she can only be pushed so far.

In all honesty the Power Rangers’ side of the episode is not that memorable. Its just 10-15 minutes of screentime with them goofing off in quite a predictable way. As for the lesson they learn regarding leadership; I would have preferred it if RJ had deliberately set them up to learn this lesson rather than it happens accidentally because he has gone anti-fishing (I believe that’s an accurate description). It just would have added more weight to the point.

What really makes this episode stand out is the second storyline however regarding Dai Shi’s rebellious factions. This really is Camille’s story as she fights to protect the love of her life. I know this is a kid’s show but boy was this intense at times and it is a credit to Holly Shanahan’s performance as Camille. She goes through the whole range of emotions during the episode from anger that her beloved Dai Shi has been betrayed to feelings of suspicion about how he truly feels about her and the disappointment that despite putting her life on the line for him he wont even say a simple thank you.

In fact Dai Shi actually plays on her feelings for him in this episode with the promise of his appreciation and his love if she defeats Naja. This makes him an even more despicable character and actually makes you sympathise with her even if she is still evil at heart. I felt particularly sorry for her when she defeats the traitors and turns expecting to see a grateful Dai Shi but instead he is gone and this leaves her wondering if her loyalty and love is misplaced. As much as Holly Shanahan carries the episode so too does Bede Skinner as Dai Shi. This really is the bad guys’ episode. The fight sequences are very intense, well choreographed and go on for much longer than the standard episode. These are mixed in with some interesting and well delivered dialogue.

If I was just reviewing the Power Rangers’ story I would grade this episode quite low. However Camille’s story really makes this episode stand out as one of the best.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Memorable Quote: (Fran dressed as a pizza) I am the Jungle Karma mascot, pepperona!


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