Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue E.02 “Lightspeed Teamwork”

lightspeed 2

Diabolico unleashes the Magmavore monster, and the Rangers must use their Zords for the first time to stop it. In the process, Joel learns a valuable lesson in teamwork.

Remember a few years ago when movies like Man of Steel, Transformers and Star Trek Into Darkness continued the movie trend of destroying large parts of cities. Some critics at the time claimed that none of these movies therefore had happy endings because hundreds of thousands of people would have died and there would have been immense fall-out both economically and emotionally from these acts which seemed completely ignored by the film. Before all that however there was Power Rangers which saw buildings destroyed as the giant monsters and robots duked it out on a weekly basis – Angel Grove must have a booming construction industry. However I am pretty sure this episode breaks some kind of record if we are talking about the level of devastation visited upon our heroes’ own city. First of all a meteor crashes in to the center of Mariner Bay no doubt killing a few thousand people. Then more buildings are wiped out as the Power Rangers battle Megmavore but don’t worry the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers are here and they save…three people.

OK maybe I am being overly harsh here so let’s move on.

Having been introduced to our heroes in the first episode we now see what Lightspeed Rescue really is and it is hard to ignore the Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds vibe. The Japanese model work in some of the scenes are very well made and the camera work also goes a long way to making you think you are watching giant machines trolling through town. The Rail Rescues are a very Japanese idea since trains are much more of a part of Japanese society than they are in the west these days and this is highlighted beautifully in a scene where they are passing a Japanese bullet train. One thing I really have to credit Lightspeed Rescue for is that they really did go all out on designing the interior of the base. It feels big just like the Japanese models and it gives the show real scale.

As well as being introduced to the Lightspeed Rescue team’s toys we also meet the beautiful Miss Merriweather and are immediately told that Joel has a thing for her but whether that is returned is somewhat ambiguous. I can’t help but feel that Joel is something of a recycled Zach albeit without the dance moves. He is likeable but at the same time irritating especially in this episode where he tries to offer his own solution to the problems only to get talked down by none other than Merriweather. The whole scene just seemed to slow down an otherwise fast paced episode.

On the whole then an exciting episode but I still feel it is little more than a second pilot episode and to that end it serves its purpose of showing us all the team’s toys so that they can move on to more character based stories later.

Rating: 3/5


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