MMPR S.01 E.04 “A Pressing Engagement”

Power Rangers A Pressing Engagement

Jason tries to break a fitness record. But, Goldar has a plan to separate Jason from the others. Rita sends down the powerful King Sphinx to squash Jason.

The trouble with reviewing a show like MMPR is that you are actually reviewing two efforts. On the one hand you have the American segments and on the other you have the original Japanese segments. Now in fairness, one of the reasons the show was so successful is that often they achieved some kind of balance between the two although you could still tell that it was two different shows glued together. This episode does achieve that parity more or less with an emphasis on Jason and how despite his strength he does need the other rangers to battle Rita’s monsters. I do feel that they could have done better than him simply trying to break a weightlifting record set by Bulk and the later guff about using the power crystals instead of just physically going to help Jason (which is what they do in the end anyway) all conspires to make the story feel a bit flat and the goal remaining unachieved.

Speaking of Bulk I have finally figured out who he and Skull remind me of and it was thanks to the scene where Bulk’s pants split – classic juvenile comedy. They remind me of Captain Harris and Proctor from the Police Academy movies in particular in Police Academy 5 when Harris’ trouser fall down. Maybe it’s just me but there we are.

King Sphinx is our monster of the week. Yet another great looking monster that no doubt took days to manufacture only to have him killed in a few minutes. I do feel sorry for the Japanese costume staff at times. I do think he could have been endowed with a better power than flapping wings as the idea of the Egyptian sphinx offers a lot of potential for powers such as hypnosis or something more mystical. That being said the fight scenes are some of the better ones this early in the series especially the segments where Jason is fighting King Sphinx and Goldar alone. I really liked the very brief view we got of Goldar attacking the Megazord from the Power Ranger’s perspective.

As usual there is a truly goofy scene and in this instance it is when Zach and Kimberley are effectively swotted back to the gym. What happened to their Power Ranger suits? Also why didn’t anyone notice two people just materialize out of thin air? Then again this is Angel Grove and they must be getting used to the weird by now.

On the whole not a bad episode. The action is really it’s selling point.

Rating: 3/5


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