Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.06 “Dance the Night Away”

Power Ranger Jungle Fury  Dance the night away

Theo struggles with the fact that his duo with Lily has now become a trio. Camille uses Toady’s love for Stingerella to get them to work together in order to defeat the rangers. Because of the tension between Casey and Theo, the rangers can’t operate the new Claw Canon. Lily confronts them telling Casey that he is needed on the team, and to Theo, that he will always be her best friend.

The Five Fingers of Poison arc continues only this time we get two of them at the same time. Toady, who looks like a yellow poisonous version of Toad from Super Mario Bros, has fallen in love with his fellow Finger member Stingerella who has a penchant for dancing and while it is her turn to take on the Power Rangers Toady feels compelled to jump in and help. Its goofy in the extreme but I couldn’t help but smile all the way through it. The music consists of cheesy dance beats but after just a few minutes I noticed my head was bobbing and my foot was tapping. It was infectious. I have to say that the dance choreography was pretty damn good and the whole thing flowed nicely. At one point I thought that if they played Michael Jackson’s Thriller or even Smooth Criminal this would be epic!

The love story between Stingerella and Toady seemed rushed if I was honest. I don’t know why the episode had to start with her not reciprocating his affection and then when she sees him in battle she suddenly falls head over tail for him even to the point where they plan to destroy the rangers and then honeymoon in Vegas. Why couldn’t they have just been infatuated with each other from the start? The answer is probably that they wanted to draw a parallel with what was going on with Theo and Lily which I will address in a moment. Stingerella and Toady are probably the most entertaining villains thus far in the series and probably rank among my favourites of all time. Stingerella also has a rather creepy attack when she grows to super size in which she throws swarms of scorpions at the Jungle Fury Megazord. I do have to question why she didn’t use this attack on the rangers themselves as opposed to covering what is effectively a giant robot with no skin to puncture?

There is one brief but important scene in this episode between Naja, the last Finger of Poison member, and Dai Shi where Dai Shi warns him against challenging his authority. It seems insignificant in terms of this episode but will have importance in the next episode Pizza Slice of Life.

As for the Power Rangers themselves there seems to be something of a love/friendship triangle going on involving the guys and Lily. Theo is afraid that Casey is taking Lily away from him and skulks around before telling Casey he is just the new guy. And how does Casey react to this? Why by skulking around just like Theo and it is up to Lily to give them a talking to in order to get them back on side with one another. I was a bit disappointed with this but I can see why they did a story like this. Actually it quite suits Theo’s character to view Casey as the new guy since as we established in Can’t Win Them All Theo has worked hard to get where he is and then suddenly Casey just comes on the scene and is handed what he had to earn. I just felt it could have been handled better. Whether he is in love with Lily or its just a really close friendship remains open but I get the feeling that again she views him as a little brother figure.

This episode introduced the Claw Cannon, the Jungle Fury blaster weapon with its really long charge time. It will never take this long to charge again in the future and we can attribute this to being a new piece of equipment. In terms of the plot it primarily serves as a tool to get the three rangers to work together since it only functions when all three operate it.

Entertaining villain plot. Average Power Rangers plot.

Rating: 4/5

Memorable Quote: (Flit) Not bad for an overgrown toad. (Turns to Camille) Are you two related? (Camille flicks him away)


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