Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.10 “Blind Leading the Blind”

Jungle Fury Blind Leading The Blind Master Swoop

Theo’s multitasking ends up making more of a mess of things because he doesn’t fully concentrate on what he does. his new way of life becomes dangerous on the battlefield against Bai Lai and Carden. Master Swoop teaches Theo the techniques of the Bat in order to help him fully focus his energy. With a zen balanced mind, Theo finds he is more effective in the things he does.

This episode is effectively a sequel to Can’t Win Them All except that instead of Theo losing his confidence as before he has actually become overconfident in his ability to multi-task, something he was applauded for in the previous episode. As a result he has lost his focus on any one task and this seems like a natural progression of his overall story which I thought was a nice touch and very in-character. Just like before Theo needs to hit his reset button only this time it takes the intervention of Master Swoop, the second of the Spirit Rangers, to do it. Master Swoop isn’t as comedic in his teachings as RJ was in the previous episode but you can’t help but feel we are going through the same thing – Theo needs to learn a lesson, Casey and Lily have to battle without him until he does. In this respect it suffers from the problems that most sequels have; it doesn’t feel new.

After the irritating Master Phant in Way of the MasterSwoop is a welcome addition. He is a far more likeable character and despite his Matrix-style cool persona you get the sense that there is a mischievous side to him. Being a bat he is of course blind and we get a lot of the usual I’m-blind-but-my-other-senses-are-highly-tuned-to-compensate cliché but being a master of the Order of the Claw it is not as forced as in other shows/movies and is more easily accepted. Also he does mention that possessing the bat means he has sonar which allows him to “see” what is around him. I hope we see more of him in the future.

With so many strong bad-guy oriented episodes in Jungle Fury thus far this one was a bit of a let down in that we only get one scene of Dai Shi training with Carnisoar (and getting his Lion spirit ass handed to him) and it’s over in no time. We do see that Camille is very obviously worried about him getting hurt in this training which reinforces the impression that she loves him. The villains of the week are not that interesting although the fact that one of them has the spirit of the Crane makes me wonder where Kimberley is and whether she could call upon her Ninjitsu powers to combat him – but that’s just mental fan fiction.

Despite an interesting new addition to Jungle Fury in the form of Master Swoop this was an average episode. Not bad but not special either.

Rating: 3/5


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