Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.11 “Pushed to the Edge”

power rangers jungle fury pushed to the edge

Carnisoar’s training tactics become even more ruthless. Camille can’t bear to watch and is dismissed from the temple. Always looking for the brighter side of things, Lily inadvertently helps out Camille and inspires her to find a new boss. Camille frees Jellica, the Water Overlord, to replace Carnisoar. Theo tells a hurt Lily that she should never feel bad about being nice.

As has been the case with so many Jungle Fury episodes so far the strength of this story actually lies with the villains. Camille is now openly defying Dai Shi in order to protect him – something that could potentially backfire badly if she failed. He had never shown much interest in her before beyond having her obedience but in this episode he actually takes a step to protect her displaying that he does have some affection for her even though there is no clear benefit for him. Their relationship is developing much to Camille’s relief.

Speaking of Camille. With that blonde hair she reminds me of Holly Shanahan’s previous Power Rangers character in Mystic Force. I honestly don’t think blonde suits her and was happy she was back to her old hair soon enough. And regarding another blonde; poor Lily. As much as I have liked her in previous episodes in this one she is a bit irritating with her chirpyness and optimism. If a customer is rude to a member of staff and other customers they should get thrown out.

Jellica is another interesting addition to the series and we can clearly see the building up of forces on both sides with new masters to teach their respective sides new skills. There is a sense that we are heading toward some big clash of good and evil.

The action sequences in this were very good and I especially liked the fighting at night sequence. It was a nice touch. Other than that it was by the numbers like so many.

Yet another good villain story.


Rating: 4/5

Memorable Dialogue: (Flit to Camille) I hate to complain but you eat like a supermodel. Can you eat something so I can eat something?


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