Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.12 “One Master Too Many”

jungle fury one master too many

RJ is hurt to hear that Casey wants a new master. RJ tells him the master coming is not right for him. While battling Crustaceo, the rangers run into Casey’s new master, Master Finn. RJ reveals that Master Finn is his father. Master Finn trains an eager Casey who learns all about the shark technique. Through a battle, Dai Shi corners Master Finn. RJ uses his wolf spirit to protect his dad. Master Finn is proud of what his son has become.

My first instinct in this episode was that Casey was being a bit of a jerk or spoiled child in this episode. The first scene has him looking at Lily and Theo using their new weapons given to them by their new masters in previous episodes and he clearly feels left out. However, on reflection I have changed my opinion on this. Casey’s impatience might have something to do with feeling left out (not a new position for his character since we have seen a handful of times already that he does feel he is not yet up to his friends’ standard) but it may also have something to do with the fact that Dai Shi and his forces are obviously getting stronger. It is more out of necessity that he gain a new master and new zord with which to tackle the threat so I did cut him a bit more slack by the end of the episode.

OK – so this episode rounds up the Way of the Master arc that started with Lily and Master Phant. The new Master is Finn who has the spirit of the shark and is also RJ’s father. I think the casting was spot on here because it honestly looked and felt like they were father and son and there was a feeling of angst between them although it was kept quite in check – children’s show. Other than that however Finn was rather bland especially when compared to Master Swoop.

I am not sure if it was intentional or not but the Shark Sabres that Casey wields in battle actually bend and flop. I am putting this down to them being like fins rather than blades and if this is true it should have been explained in dialogue somewhere because to the lay-person it just looked goofy at times. As for the Shark Zord it was very easily possessed by the villain of the week, Crustaceo, in their first encounter but nothing is done to prevent this from happening again in the second battle. In fact Crustaceo doesn’t even attempt to possess it and this was a bit of let down in terms of the story that this was never addressed again.

It was good to see RJ and Dai Shi get their hands dirty in this episode. On the whole a good episode with only one or two niggles that let it down.

Rating: 3.5/5



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