Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.13 “Ghost of a Chance (1)”

Jungle Fury Ghost of a Chance

After another victorious battle against Camille’s monsters, the Rangers feel they are unstoppable especially with their new weapons and zords. RJ warns them about being overconfident and tells them to train on their basic stances, however the Rangers feel insulted at being asked to do something they now consider to be easy. Dai Shi emerges after reaching his next level of power and demands a fight with the rangers. The rangers are easily defeated. RJ steps in and offers his life to spare his students’. Dai Shi accepts and takes RJ away, leaving the rangers without a master. With nowhere else to turn, the Rangers return to Pai Zhuq where Master Mao informs them they may be able to get the power to save RJ and fight Dai Shi but only if they journey to the spirit world and find the three masters who reside there. The Rangers agree, and are transported.

If there is one thing the Jungle Fury rangers should have learned by now it’s that when you think you are operating at your best that’s when things tend to go really bad. Theo certainly should have learned this by now having had two episodes dedicated to where he has to pick himself back up after a mighty fall. Well since they obviously do need reminding this story effectively marks their lowest point thus far. Having each gained new powers from their new masters the Jungle Fury rangers feel unstoppable as they destroy yet another of Camille’s come-and-go warriors but as we have seen in episode after episode, Jarrod/Dai Shi is only biding his time while he trains and now he is ready to unleash the spirit of the Lion. Boy do the rangers get a kicking. They literally try everything and they are still defeated.

While in previous reviews I have repeatedly commented on how I like the villain’s stories but I had started to get irritated that Dai Shi’s training is taking too long. Now we get the pay off from all that and honestly it was worth it. This was another 1,000mph episode and the pacing only serves to make the ranger’s defeat more dramatic. I do wish RJ would have morphed finally instead of just allowing himself to be captured but I do see from a story point of view why he just gave up in order to protect his students.

Here is where I do get nit-picky however; why let them go after capturing RJ? Dai Shi could have accepted RJ’s surrender then still destroy the rangers which would have resulted in final victory for him. Of course that can’t happen because the show would be over so I think it would have been better if he attacked again but they escaped to carry on the fight. I just don’t think Dai Shi would make that mistake.

So we get to see Master Mao from the pilot episode albeit briefly to tell the rangers about yet more masters they can learn off except these masters are in the spirit world. I guess this two parter is a pseudo sequel to the new master arc.

Two parters often suffer from the problem of having a great build-up in part one that fails to deliver in part two. This certainly has a great build up and this was an enjoyable romp from start to finish. Let’s see what part two has to offer.


Rating: 4.5/5

Memorable Dialogue: (Theo) Not exactly a vacation resort.

(Lily) It’s a nether world of ghosts and spirits, what do you expect; palm trees and hula girls?



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