Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.15 “Bad to the Bone”


Lily gets teased for being too nice and considerate but after a battle with Porcupongo, Lily starts showing her bad side by being rude to people and refusing to help the other two rangers when they are in trouble. Fran confronts her and after a scuffle on the floor, Fran discovers Lily has been affected by one of Porcupongo’s quills. No longer under the influence of the poisoned quill, Lily rushes out to rejoin the rangers in defeating Porcupongo. Meanwhile, Camille is sent to resurrect Grizzaka – the Earth Overlord – to help Dai Shi gain enough power to defeat the rangers. Also, RJ has been suffering from a mysterious pain.

If you Google Anna Hutchison Power Rangers then chances are this episode will come up in the first few search results. It is effectively Anna Hutchison doing a Head and Shoulders commercial for around 7 minutes of the run time but that being said, this episode was a lot of fun although it started badly. The first third of the episode is dominated by two consecutive battle scenes; first the rangers take on pig-like Hamhock and then the main villain of the episode, Porcupongo. It is not that it was uninteresting it was just a bit too much for a 25 minute episode.

It is then that the main crux of the story begins with Lily having Porcupongo’s quills being pulled out of her back at JKP – even though we can’t see them on her ranger suit in the previous scene. Now, even though I am concentrating on reviewing Jungle Fury I have seen enough of other Power Rangers series to know that they all have at least one story where a member goes bad. This one reminded me of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode Power Ranger Punks where Kimberley and Billy become…well…punks. Fortunately, this episode isn’t as goofy as that one and props to Hutchison, she pulls off being bad pretty well within the confines of a kid’s show. Also, you know that the scene where she pulls up at JKP on her motorcycle and takes her helmet off in slow motion fuelled the dreams of young teenage boys everywhere – and a few of their dads (just to clear it up while the rangers are supposed to be teens, Hutchison was 22 when the episode was filmed).

On a bad note however, it is set up that the rangers are supposed to think Lily is rebelling against her good nature because of their teasing about it. Then the discovery of the quill still stuck in her affecting her behaviour would be a surprise. Except it wasn’t. She didn’t seem bothered by the teasing and it is blatantly obvious what is happening all the way through the episode. Kids are a lot smarter than TV writers sometimes give them credit for. While this was supposed to be an episode about Lily going bad, it was nice to see Fran stepping up and showing her tough side.

So RJ is now a werewolf. It is glossed over in the episode so obviously this will be addressed later. The villains have very little to do in this episode compared to previous episodes. Camille is sent off to find yet another overlord while Dai Shi is apparently venting his frustration on his minions.

Despite a shaky start this was a lot of fun in the end. I think too much was crammed in to it making it feel like a very crowded episode. This episode saw the new title sequence that includes their new powers from the spirit world however I still laugh at seeing the CGI Penguin zord.

One final point; maybe I am becoming too sensitive to it now or maybe the actors were having an off day but both Hutchison and Bede Skinner (Dai Shi) slip in to their native  New Zealand accents during at least one of their scenes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Memorable Dialogue: (Fran) Your cheque!

(Lily) What about my other order of wings?

(Fran) No way, pay up and get out!

(Lily) Oh yeah! Just give me one good reason.

(Fran) How about eight? Your motorcycle is illegally parked.Your feet was on the table. Your mood, your rude, your crude, the way you eat your food, your bad attitude and the most important reason of all – your friends are in danger and you won’t even help.


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