Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.16 “Friends Don’t Fade Away”


Still recovering from an injury sustained battling Dai Shi when he was a prisoner, RJ can no longer control his animal spirit and starts turning in to a werewolf. After being restrained it is up to Fran to remind him who he is before decides to reveal he is the Wolf Ranger. Meanwhile, Dai Shi’s hopes that Grizzaka will make him more powerful are dashed and he loses his throne.

Just like in the last episode where we had a traditional theme for a Power Rangers series, namely one of the team goes bad because of something the villains do, we have another tradition being embraced here which is a new ranger joining the team and increasing their number. It seems RJ has been hiding the fact that he has his own morpher all this time that turns him in to the Wolf Ranger and in spectacular fashion it has to be said; he runs down a hill and merges with the wolf spirit that then morphs him in to his suit. Combined with the Wolf Ranger and the Wolf Ranger’s zord, the Jungle Fury Megazord has a powerful attack called the Spin Fury which sends a cool looking sawblade-like bolt of energy towards a target. Same can’t be said about Casey riding the Strike Rider down a handrail – the CGI looked terrible.

This begs the question; why has RJ waited until now to use it? There have been numerous times they could have used his help in battling Dai Shi’s forces especially when they got beaten and had to retreat back to JKP for him to explain where they went wrong. You could argue I suppose that his injury he suffered fighting Dai Shi when he was held captive forced his animal spirit to the surface and that morphing helps him keep it under control except that is not said on screen. In fact, nothing is really mentioned about what RJ is going to do about stopping himself from turning in to a werewolf in the future. This raises yet another question; could all the rangers potentially become a half-human/half-animal spirit monster?

In the villain’s camp, Dai Shi’s authority has finally been supplanted after it having been increasingly diluted by the presence of Carnisoar and Jellica. Grizzaka takes over as the leader of Dai Shi’s forces and both Dai Shi and Camille are forced to bow in acknowledgement but its obvious Dai Shi has no intention of submitting forever. Grizzaka has barely been in charge a day and gets the credit from Carnisoar and Jellica for RJ’s situation even though it was Dai Shi who inflicted the injury that caused his werewolf to break out. I’ve had jerk bosses like that.

For a second episode in a row, Fran is the standout character. Now that she is aware of the ranger’s true identity she has really stepped up to the mark and delivered again and again. In this instance she manages to reach through to the werewolf possessed RJ just as he is about to attack her in what is both a tense and touching scene. She also has a real sweet scene with him early on as she senses something is wrong.

The arrival of an additional ranger should be an exciting storyline; how may of us remember the Green Ranger’s arc from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Unfortunately, this episode falls short of the mark having huge holes in the plot that will hopefully be addressed later.


Rating: 2/5

Memorable Quote: (Flint) The crowd is howling as the Wolf Ranger leaps in to action.

Memorable Dialogue: (Fran) Hey, I’ve been coming to Jungle Karma for over a year and I have seen you on good days and I was even here when the whole kitchen caught fire so…

(RJ) Yeah…bummer. But I invented the smoked and crispy combo.


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