Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.17 “No ‘I’ in Leader”


Casey really has grown up from being a cub at the Pai Zhuq to becoming the leader of the Jungle Fury rangers. But now that RJ is a Ranger, things are a little different and Casey feels he has been pushed aside. When Grizzaka’s latest monsters attacks, it is up to RJ to convince Casey that he is still leader of the team.

After a few fairly average (but not bad) episodes, we are back in to the types of story that in my opinion makes Jungle Fury one of the strongest in the Power Rangers franchise with as much emphasis on characters as action. Following on immediately from the last episode, we learn that an unfortunate side-effect of RJ becoming the Wolf Ranger and now joining them in battle is that for Casey this has completely upset the dynamic of the group. Having had the story arc of being a mere cub with an inferiority complex at the beginning of the show he has risen to the challenge to become the leader of the rangers but now he feels supplanted by RJ and it is clear that this affects the whole group when they test the Claw Cannon during a training session and things get…explosive.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Casey is being a bit childish and sulky here but frankly its a little understandable. Lily and Theo don’t exactly help much either since nobody bothers to try to let him know that they changed the time of the training session making Casey look like an idiot when he turns up late and recommend they start with something everyone else has already done. I thought Lily was supposed to be considerate? The episode treads on familiar ground with RJ realising what’s going on and in order to address it he sends the other two rangers to battle Grizzaka’s monsters while he and Casey stay behind so he can be taught a lesson about leadership. I can’t help but wonder if RJ’s lesson went a little too well since Casey then seems willing to sacrifice himself by jumping in front of an energy blast being sent at Lily and Theo without having morphed. Surely, he is asking for death!

In the first half of the show I said many times that the villain camp tends to be the more interesting of the two sides in Jungle Fury but now that situation has reversed. Grizzaka’s two monsters in this episode are just bland and forgettable. It’s not as if he has a master plan for them either its simply go break stuff and fight the rangers. Considering how easily he replaced Dai Shi I would expect Grizzaka to be more menacing and a much greater influence on the rangers but instead he is just bland.

Dai Shi is now trying to master the Zocato powers that Grizzaka has in order to get his throne back and defeat the rangers. In order to do that he enlists his Rinshi warriors to threaten his life so he can battle them and gain the powers that way. Oh Dai Shi…Come off it! You have seen these guys beaten again and again and again. They are a distraction more than a real threat to anyone. This is proven by the fact that despite feeling stronger his efforts fail but then we get a visit from the spirit of Master Mao who tries to reach Jarrod whose spirit is implied is not completely suppressed yet. This has the unfortunate result however of inspiring Dai Shi to find even more power in the form of the Rhino Power Nexus so he can – yep you guessed it – become even stronger to defeat the rangers and get his throne back from Grizzaka. Dai Shi’s storyline is starting to wear a bit thin.

A strong ranger episode but bland villain story.

Rating: 4/5



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