Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.18 “True Friends, True Spirits”

Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.18 True Friends True Spirits

Grizzaka sends an evil spirit to cause trouble between RJ and his Wolf Animal Spirit again during a megazord with Grizzaka’s Barakouza monster . The hero in RJ causes him to save Flit. RJ tells Flit to go home but the rangers want to keep him as prisoner because he has overheard them talking about RJ’s battle with his Wolf Spirit. Flit tells of his own curse placed upon him thousands of years ago by Camille and eager to repay RJ for saving him, Flit helps RJ in defeating the evil spirit and once again working together with his animal spirit just in time to defeat Grizzaka’s latest monster. Unfortunately, Flit can’t remain outside of Camille’s stomach for too long and is forced to return to her. Meanwhile, Dai Shi begins to search for the Rhino Nexus.

This is probably the best episode of the series so far. When these reviews are over I am certain this will be in my Top 5. So we finally find out who Flit the Fly is other than a bit of comic relief during the battle sequences. At first it was strange seeing him as a great warrior centuries ago considering his sense of humour in his narration but then I realised that this may have a lot to do with why he has latched on to RJ so strongly. It’s not just that RJ saved his life but the two of them are actually kindred spirits being true warriors but with their lighter sides. Seeing Flit have to go back to Camille at the end was genuinely sad.

We should have had this story a bit sooner but I am not sure where it could have come in as the progression of the series has left little room for anything else. It’s been very tightly compacted which is surprising considering all the problems behind the scenes with the writer’s strike that was going on.

I did like that they hadn’t forgotten about RJ being in conflict with his wolf spirit and it was also a good way to allow Flit to repay RJ for saving him. While the evil spirit sent to exacerbate that conflict may have seemed a bit lazy in terms of writing and almost forgotten about by Grizzaka as the episode went on it served its purpose in the story. I did like the metaphorical setting for RJ’s battle – Power Rangers beating Pixar to the Inside Out things by 10 years, hahaha! That werewolf mask is still really goofy though.

It’s not all good however as we get yet another completely forgettable monster in Barakouza. I know they have to have something to fight every week but the stories have recently been about either the rangers learning a lesson or the power struggle going on in the bad guy camp. Would it really hurt to have just a character episode? Dai Shi simply gets a cameo role in this episode.

This was a lot of fun with a wide range of emotions in the story.

Rating: 4.5/5

Memorable Dialogue: (RJ to Flit) I’m not buying what your selling. I’m not even browsing so just go back to Camille and Dai Shi.

Memorable Quote: (Camille) 9000 eggs and I get stuck with the problem child


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